3 revolutionary strategies to seriously leverage your business

Building a business in 2017 is not about doing things a little better or getting a few more customers, it is about changing the way you think about...

  • How you systemise your business
  • How you market your business
  • How you build teams in your business

The Growth Hack Accelerator will teach you how to embrace tools and concepts that were, up until recently, only available to businesses with very deep pockets, but are now the only smart way to grow a successful business.
New businesses need to be dynamic, adaptive and scalable.

Wednesday, 5th April

Cliftons (near Wynyard) | 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Limited Seats - Will Sell Out!

Breakfast will be served.

The Growth Hackers

Tim Reid

Marketing Hacker, Tim Reid:

The New World of Marketing
Host of The Small Business Big Marketing Show (Australia’s #1 Marketing Podcast) and Author of The Boomerang Effect will introduce you to the concept of Helpful Marketing. It is a simple yet highly effective marketing approach that makes you look like a legend, returns more customers and makes you more money.
David Guest

Mindset Hacker, David Guest:

The New World of Business Systems
Creating a business that runs without you has eluded many a punter. Building a systemised business is the best kept secret of the successful business owner. David Guest, CEO of Outcomes Business Group, has specialised in helping business owners develop and build successful systems, allowing them to put their business on autopilot so they can work on the business rather than in the business.
David Warne

Outsourcing Hacker, David Warne:

The New World of Building Teams
When it comes to building your team, the world is now your hunting ground. And building a virtual team has never been easier, but does come with challenge. David Warne, founder and former owner of Sydney Harbour Tall Ships, found the cost of doing business in Australia was killing his business and his personal life – so he moved everything (but the ships!) offshore, reducing running costs by 90% and increasing turnover by 21% in under 12 months.

In this fast-paced, highly-practical Accelerator you will discover...

  • How to create a marketing system that will position you as a thought leader
  • How to radically reduce your business's greatest expense
  • How to remove yourself from the business for maximum growth
Ideal for business owners who:
  • Are turning over between $1 million and $10 million p.a.
  • Have processes in their business taking up unnecessary time and money
  • Are struggling under the high cost of doing business in Australia
  • Can never find time to work on their business
  • Dream of removing themselves from the day to day running of their business
  • Want to grow their business through smart marketing

Hear from the best in the industry and take away practical growth hacks that will blast your business through to the next level.

Previous attendees at this series said...

"Great story - I can outsource my writing and graphics design. I will build a team in the Philippines."

Peter Sandor

Fearless Digital

"Got me thinking: $65k is paid to someone (work). When did I start paying that sort of $$$ for wages?"

Stav Hatzi

Pro Light & Sound

"Excellent - presenting possibilities we haven't considered."

Brian Vowles

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Wednesday, 5th April

Cliftons (near Wynyard) | 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Limited Seats - Will Sell Out!

Breakfast will be served.

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